TotalBrokerage - Case Studies

Jose Martin

Choice Point Realty

Before - Multiple Different Systems, Manual Copying
After - Saving 5 to 10 hours per week
Time frame - Less than a month

“TotalBrokerage has saved me easily 5 to 10 hours per week. Agents have everything in one place and I can easily check what needs to be done. It does it perfectly and I don’t have to worry about anything.”

Before TotalBrokerage, he was using multiple different systems with a lot of copying and pasting in order to run his brokerage. He was spending countless hours doing meaningless tasks. With TotalBrokerage, he was up and running in under a month. He began saving 5 to 10 hours per week while running his brokerage. Having everything in one place for his agents and himself has led to a 2000% ROI.

Lisette Cunningham

GLM Realty Group

Before - Spreadsheets, 3 different tools, Phone as CRM, MLS free tool
After - Saving 24 hours per month. Agents Increasing Production.
Time frame - A month

“TotalBrokerage saves me at least 24 hours per month. I now have more capacity for personal time and to sell more real estate. If my agents are using all of the features in TotalBrokerage, I believe they will certainly increase production by 2 to 3 transactions per agent per year.”

Before TotalBrokerage, she was using spreadsheets, 3 different tools, her phone as a CRM and a free tool from her MLS. It was not easy to track everything and then her board took the tool away. Once she put TotalBrokerage in, she began saving 24 hours per month, finally has been able to put compliance in, and is even seeing her agents increase production by 2 to 3 transactions per agent per year.

Carlos Coloma

Let's Fly Realty

Before - Brand new brokerage
After - Saving 3 hours per transaction. Fully Mobile.
Time frame - Immediately

“TotalBrokerage allows my agents to have everything in one place and fosters better communication and much more interaction. I am already recommending TotalBrokerage to my broker friends. If they want an all-in-one platform that includes everything they need.”

He has been in real estate for 15 years and created a brand new brokerage completely consisting of airline professionals. They are 100% mobile and in the cloud, both literally and figuratively. He was very aware of the multitude of tools out there and what was available for free from his MLS. He wanted to provide the best possible tools for his agents in a single integrated solution. He deployed TotalBrokerage and is saving 3 hours per transaction immediately. He was also able to implement compliance and checklists easily for his agents.